How to recognise an addicted world traveler

I have been born a traveler. It was diagnosed much later and my parents haven’t had a clue it was in my veins and there is no cure for it. More than 60 countries on four continents (never have been to Australia), serious number of islands, variety of transportation, probably more than 300 flights…Never tired to pack and go on again. If someone calls me right now: “Tanya, in five minutes you should be ready, heading to the airport and leaving to New Zealand (just for instance)” I’ll be ready in three minutes, including a cab, booked to the airport.

I cannot call it a hobby, as the hobby is something you need just to fill up your spare time when in a mood to, enjoying the freedom of doing whatever you want. To travel the world is an addiction and I have been born with it in my genes. It’s a passion, which brought me plenty of joy, emotions, knowledge and adrenalin I cannot live without. Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to drugs, some are gamblers, others are kind of collectors. I am an addicted traveler, who can’t survive without exploring new countries, cultures, traditions, rituals and habits. I am an addicted observer, who needs to jump on a plane if not every month then at least once a two months ( or twice a month as happened). My family can’t understand my passion (except my elder son Alex), but they are kind of tolerant to my “craziness”.

I can’t remember when I realised my travel addiction for first time, but must have been long ago, during my childish trips or better to call them escapes. My memory is clearing up about the time I have been 5 year old and got lost for first time. It was an amazing adventure, while was exploring the Black Sea beach, hiding from my dad. Poor dad, our first vacation together, just two of us and I have disappeared from the beach with no trace. He has been lucky, finding me in about three hours crazy search in the backyard of a local couple’s house, eating boiled corn, looking innocent with big shiny eyes, totally happy of my heroism to reach that house. Honestly, I can’t remember a minute from this case, but my father still keeps recalling it, makes me feel guilty for my disobedient unruly character.

I have always been independent, courageous and adventurous, which did not help much my parents. My curiosity to discover, explore and learn has never been shut. The books of pirates and red indians I have red during my teenage have lighted up in addition that spirit and pushed me to go and find all those amazing seas, islands and folks from the written stories.

To achieve all my travel goals, I needed to change different transports and to be very flexible for comleting my choice. So, the airplane was the most conventional, finally compared with the train in Egypt, camel in Tunisia, elephant in Sri Lanka, jet ski in Barbados, yacht between the Greek islands, motorcycle in Rwanda, Venetian condole in Qatar, paddle board in Bali, bungee in Germany and Vespa motobike in Italy. I hip unbelievable memories, some of them sound like fairytales, but they are never enough. The journey begins and I’ll be your restless guide.

Apart of all this above, there are signs which describe an addicted traveler. I recognised myself there, did you as well?

  1. The cabin crew greets you by name before even look at your ticket
  2. The only reason for still working is to earn enough money for your next trip
  3. You have more friends abroad than in the country you permanently live in
  4. The next journey is already planned before your current one be over
  5. While you are abroad the tourists ask you about the direction and you reply automatically
  6. You have more miles in the air than by your car
  7. When you sit behind your desk you try to fasten the seat belt
  8. You are an expert of currency rates and keep different ones just in case
  9. Your suitcase could be packed in five minutes
  10. At home in the bathroom, you set hands under the tap and wait for the water to start running
  11. Your bucket list is full mostly by destinations
  12. It’s hard to fall asleep with no airplane engine noise
  13. The thought to stay at home during the weekend makes you panic
  14. And finally your suitcase is never completely unpacked


That’s almost me, except the part with the sleep in the plane. I just can’t sleep in there 🙂

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    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

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      Hi, nice to hear from you. I am still surprised of getting all those comments, I even thought my just started blog is not visible yet. I have so much more to share. Thank you for encouraging me 🙂

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