How Brexit made me LOL

Poor British! Half of them is devastated after the Brexit referendum. The other half is celebrating …no idea what! Like an EU citizen, I was not prepared for such an outcome. On June 22-nd before Brexit referendum all the bookmakers have claimed it’s completely sure UK is going to remain in EU. The share of the bets has been 75 to 25% in “remainers'” favour. The highest bet – 350 000 GBP from a “remainer”. Well…when all of us woke up in the morning of June 24-th, we simply found out the bookmakers have been wrong.

Eager to discover what actually happened and why everyone has been so mistaken, I started following the news, all publications, articles, TV shows and speeches, related to the referendum. OMG! I was nearly shocked – the current result of the vote could be achieved for only two possible reasons. First one is “the leavers” voting UK to go out of EU must be extremely stupid human beings. Their statements and explanations sound ridiculous, which is sad because they were 52%. The second option is those 52% been completely misled by their political favourites. Sad again for trusting politicians blindly. Not sure which is the correct one but my own investigation of WHY UK VOTED OUT OF EU eventually made me LOL (laughing out loud). Look at it below.

Here are some of the reasons Randomly picked British “leavers” explained publicly why they have given their vote OUT of EU:

  1. Because I don’t want UK to participate anymore in the European football championship (ridiculous)
  2. Because I don’t want to watch anymore Eurovision song contest on British TV ( could not be more ridiculous?!!)
  3. Because I want all the Pakistani and Indians out of UK ( what this guy’s racist views have to do with the referendum???)
  4. Because now all our troubles will be solved (really, I wish to see it!!!)
  5. Because I don’t  want French movies on our TV anymore ( OMG)
  6. Because only with this refiyendum (excuse me, what with????) Britain will take back its glory ( if you say so…)

WATCH IT. SHE IS UNBELIEVABLE It’s extremely funny if was not sad at the same time.


The simple answer of the same group of “leavers” is :

“We don’t need visa, we are British passport holders.”

Wow….MUCH overestimated.

That morning of June 24-th I have seen an avalanche of jokes, related to the “leavers” vote. Here come some of them which literally made me LOL. Humour comes from all over the world. I found this on Internet and just collected it for you, pretty curious:

  1. An optional EU citizen, deeply hesitant, early on June 24-th: “Will we now give British a refuge status or will directly extradite them?”

2. Where the hell is UK??




Urgent June 24-th advert:

“European ladies, ready to give their hand (but probably not heart) for the price of 10 000 EURO (please be advised, we do not accept British pounds due to the weakness of the currency) to good looking (hard to find ) British gentlemen who are desperate to marry for an EU passport.”





5. A “leaver” sings the Russian song Katuisha to honour the result of Brexit referendum



6.  My lucky star  


7. UK goes out, Australia goes in. The Australian song on Eurovision song contest 2016 has been just the beginning of the expansion of a new island to EU.


Let’s put the cherry on the top of the cake:

Philip Pullman on the 1,000 causes of Brexit

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