Make a New Year travel wish

It’s still not too late, even 10 days after the magical New Year’s Eve. Making a travel wish, is kind of boosting your luck and pushing ahead your long postponed travel plans. I strongly believe any day of January, the first month of the year, is suitable for manifesting where to go and how to do it. In my homeland, we believe the day could be forecasted by how the morning goes. If the morning is bright and successful, than the whole day will be same as well. January is full of hopes. Depending on how we plan, structure and prioritise it, could be our bright “morning” for the entire year. 

It’s easier than you think. How it usually goes – we wake up in the morning, overloaded by daily schedules and issues. The first reaction is: ” Oooh, NO, not again, I have so many things to do and it’s going to be the same every day of the year”. But it’s not going to be as bad as you guess it. Just steal a moment, sit at your favourite chair or sofa, close the eyes and move to a place you have always wanted to go. It doesn’t matter it’s a sunny beach or a snowy ski resort. Well…snow never works for me 🙂 

Remember the forgotten Bucket list, you usually postpone to be accomplished the next year. Take your time find it and to start working on it. Or better build a new one.

I was charmed by a sentence, I found in the first hours of New 2017 Year. 

“I am in love with the places I have never been to and with the people I have never met before”

Does it make sense? Sure it does. Especially for those who lost their inspiration, but are thirsty to live and discover. Like myself. Being at a crossroad, not much satisfied with the daily life, I am looking for a thrill. And what could be more thrilling for an addicted traveler than a new exciting journey. 

I am sure you could oppose, it’s not the right time, no money, no mood, no opportunity, but, Hey…who is speaking about doing it right now?! All of you (and me) should just grab a moment for dreaming. Go back to the sofa, I have mentioned above, invite to your mind the most desirable place you would like to go to. You can call me crazy, but if we keep making this exercise frequently, I believe we’d find the way to make it happen eventually. 

For example, I would like to move, live and work in Southeast Asia. I have no idea how to accomplish it yet. I tried the last year and felt like being on the right string to get it. Yes, I didn’t, but it doesn’t mean to give it up. New Year – New Luck. I have 12 months ahead to make it happen and to find the proper timing and way. Can’t explain why countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and etc. attract me that much. It’s like an internal impulse, like an instinct, I should just move into that direction. 

I am sure everyone had kind of a “crush” to an exact place and probably not all of you have an explanation why. It’s like invisible power is pulling you out and shuffles your thoughts, dragging you to a particular destination. Think of yourself! Do you have such a favourite spot? I am sure you do. Some of us are a just little bit more adventurous and willing to admit it. Others are stably stepping on the ground and trying not to move out of their comfort zone

I don’t feel like a particular country citizen. Because I am doing fine almost everywhere, most of my fellows consider me a cosmopolitan person. I manifested my New Year travel wish (again) and let’s see what’s going to happen during the year. Am I scared? I am not. Am I hesitant? Who is not?! But I trust that power, which moves my thoughts in that direction, I trust my instincts and I don’t want to regret my entire life I have never tried. 

You can oppose again we have too many responsibilities. Yes, all we have them. Or, another excuse – too many people depend on us. Not really correct. Most of those people are able to survive without you for a while, while you are following your dreams. Or, another  issue – the world has already become too dangerous and insecure. It has always been, but it doesn’t mean we should live in a box. Going out of the box gives freedom and confidence. I could confirm it by my own experience. 

Can’t promise you everything will go regarding the plan. Neither, we are able to avoid all the sudden circumstances. Having a dream and going for it, makes me feel alive and vital, turns me to a smiling active person and washes all the negativity away. I assure you, we have nothing to lose. So, let’s just make a New Year travel wish and get stuck to it – likely it’s going to happen 🙂 


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