“Be positive” life journey


As new 2018 began, I learned what is the most modern wish for the year’s kick off – Be positive. It seems to me, everyone is turning to positivity now and, undoubtedly, it’s a promising start. I wasn’t an exception and received lots of “be positive” instructions. But they are definitely not relevant to me, because 47 years ago I was born to be positive and there is a clear evidence of that. Being positive is literally in my blood and it’s not just a metaphorical expression. Much simpler than it seems – my own blood type is B+ (Be positive). 

I can almost see you smiling, while thinking “OK, you got me”. But being positive is a proven life track of my travel addiction and if you read it further, will trippingly agree with my statement. Even more. You may find the reason for your own ever lasting yearning to travel, discover and explore new countries, people, traditions, differences and to easily get along with.

If you are the same blood type, you should feel special, because we are minority in this world. Only 9% of the world’s population possesses B+ blood type. The most common are O+ and A+. So you see, being positive is actually a rare and even unique deal:) 

I realised it long ago, must be a reason for being positive by birth, because I am the rarest possible combination of none B+ parents (A+/AB+). It already made me feel unusual and somehow explains the huge difference between me and the rest of my family. And, No, I was not adopted 🙂  I could say, B+ is a privilege and all of us who were the chosen ones, should embrace it and prove it by being positive daily.

My travel addiction seems inexplicable and weird to the members of my family and friends, so I began searching the possible reason, what made me feel that comfortable to all the travel peculiarities and off the beaten track routes. And then it suddenly popped up – the blood type, of course. I read plenty of articles, describing the fact B+ blood type is mostly “nomadic tribes feature”. You know the nomads frequently move from place to place, which means travel is their way of life. Just like me 🙂 

Then I even deepened my research, to possibly reveal more details and to answer the question if B+ explains my desert preferences as well. Bingo! At first sight – most of the Be positive population seems to live in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I thought, I finally found the answer and then, another dilemma – same percentage of B+ people could be located in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South and North Korea.

There is no much similarity demographically, except they all live in Asia… but I am a proven European. I went deeper in my search to unveil, the ancestors of the contemporary B+ blood type holders were the Abyssinians and the Chinese. Doesn’t help much, but at least I already feel exotic. By the way B+ is also quite widely spread in a few countries in Central Africa, but for instance none of Native Americans or Australian Aborigines were confirmed to have it. 


The written above comes to prove Be positive is not a common, but on the contrary – a rare and difficult to be detected event. Being honoured by having it, we carry the burden of spreading positivity in this world. We should inspire and support the others, who are not gifted by positivity. That’s why we are mostly smiling and optimistic people, and even when it rains cats and dogs outside, we just shrug shoulders, believing it helps, it’s for good and kind of a fertile positive sign.  

Maybe that’s why when we, B+ people, meet strangers, in 5 minutes they already feel like knowing us for ages. They start trusting, smiling and listening to us, B+ holders. If you meet a person, who makes you feel comfortable in the very beginning of your first contact and you suddenly click together, most possibly that person carries B positivity in their blood. 

And do you know what B+ nomads do in their very first day of the new year? They write a new travel bucket list, eager to move to unknown places, to explore and enjoy all great emotions related to. Do you want to see mine? Here it is, simply handmade. 

Have a fantastic New 2018 Year and don’t forget to Be Positive. If you are not very good in, just find someone

 and they will assist you to B+ all 12 months and further. Hopefully that approach will lighten your new year 

and will charge you by endless positivity. Happy 2018 🙂


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