May 2018

Mind blowing last minute trip to Albania

  What’s the first association at the moment you hear Albania? I guess most of you have never even heard about Albania. For the rest, it’s an unknown country, thrown in the middle of nowhere, considered uninteresting, out of the travel paths, unsafe, scary, not worth to visit… What if I oppose, you were completely
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My wonder trip to Petra, Jordan

  That’s one of the most remarkable and surprising sights I have ever traveled to. The ancient city of Petra, Jordan, known as Nabataeans’ Kingdom capital is a 2000 year old habitat, a mystical place, full of secrets, meant to fascinate, enchant and hypnotise. Yes, I am biased, but you would become biased too, just stepping
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10 reasons to skip a travel to Paphos, Cyprus

  Three weeks in Paphos, Cyprus and I already have a new hobby. I daily started practicing to greet unknown people in the street. Why? Well, obviously I do it on purpose. My general impression of the locals is of grumpy, non-stop complaining, hard to please people, able to explode for no reason. They look
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