Travel while staying home

I was just about to post a new article, referring to my awesome three days in Malta, but realized that inspiring the followers to pack and head to the airport is not quite the right time. While all the borders are closing one after another, most of the airplanes are already grounded, above a million of people all over the world got infected by the Covid-19 and thousands have already lost their lives in this sudden coronavirus pandemic, seems like the last thing to recommend at the moment is traveling.

Someone tried to encourage me lately by telling me that at the end everything will be fine. If it’s not fine, it means it was not the end. So, I wish to believe that we are heading to that fine ending when the travelling will start bumming with greater power, all limitations will be over and we will feel free to cross borders again, meet relatives and friends, enjoy adventurous and exciting features.

Till then, though, we should deal somehow with the reality, where we are stuck and need to #stayhome for good. I was thinking how could I break all those limitations without being illegal? What should I do for not harming my natural adventurous spirit and for not letting my travel passion to get faded? And here it comes, my selection of ways to still travel while staying home.

Travelling Through The Window

I tried to launch this idea a few days ago on Instagram but did not get much response. Maybe because everyone got drenched in their personal efforts to survive, along with the care of their loved ones. It’s a very simple idea, which by getting shared gives us an opportunity to virtually visit many cities, countries, spots or sights. I empowered you to allocate your view from the window, balcony, patio, garden, backyard, roof, front door, by taking a video starting inside out.

If we start sharing those videos, it will let us “jump” through the borders and “visit” unknown places in real time. I know it’s not a busy time at the moment and those videos could look a bit empty and quiet, but still, nature, infrastructure, architecture and the surroundings will be well visible and pretty alive.

On another hand it lets us notice things that did not exist before, new arrivals, changes and positive events in our own environment. Being overloaded and super busy before, we did not have eyes for them and have never had time to look around and enjoy it. For instance, what really amazed me just a few days ago was a small event that most of you could consider regular but it’s actually not. For the first time on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan, where I live at the moment, seagulls have been seen. Also, the crabs have finally went out and began exploring the beaches.

You will probably say that it’s normal for the seaside, but not in this part of the world, where the Red Sea shores have been occupied only by crows, artificially imported by ships embarking from India. Those Indian crows detected their perfect habitat in Aqaba and have ousted the other birds (except the pigeons).

Now, after three weeks of lockdown, with no jet ski, no speed and glass boats, no swimmers and fishermen, the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba started its quick recovery and the first seagulls have just arrived. No clue where from, but they feel quite comfortable around.

Build A Travel Bucket List

That’s another way of daydreaming while staying at home and preparing for the big journey after the pandemic of coronavirus is over. If you do not know yet, what the Bucket List means, you can check on my previous article in the link below.

The Magic Power of the Bucket List

It’s another simple idea, while we are having plenty of time, how to rearrange the travel plans or to generate new ones. The Bucket List in its very simple shape organizes your desired to visit countries, cities, beaches or islands in order, starting from the most preferred one.

Just sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine if you have time, money and opportunity where you should go first. In this way complete up to 10 spots which you are dying to get to. I’ve been told long ago that by placing on paper your dreams you put kind of a spell and boost the chance to get it done, even if you have no idea at the moment how and when it’s going to happen.

For example, in my 2018 Bucket List I placed the beach of Ksamil, Albania which seemed to grow as a very trendy, pure and fancy beach to be. I absolutely had no idea how I am going to get there but in May 2018 I found myself on Ksamil beach, Albania – one of the most captivating and surprising places I have ever been. So, dream big and do not be afraid to write down all the trips you are craving for .

Here comes my 2020 Bucket List.

It’s important to make it by handwriting and not to be hesitant, even if the countries look too remote, imaginary or unreachable. I made this one in December 2019, without having any clue about the upcoming coronavirus threat. Pay attention to number one in my 2020 Bucket ListMadagascar. It’s quite exotic and fictional destination in Africa but I did it and was there from January 30th till February 7th 2020. Nothing is impossible!

YouTube Research

Once ready with the Bucket List, start preparing for your next trip. It doesn’t mean to buy a plane ticket or to book a hotel. Just do research about the most important features of the country you wish to visit. It always helps to plan the optimum length of the trip, to be aware of the best area to stay, the transfers and the transportation available on spot.

I believe the best way to get the proper info is YouTube, from the videos posted by the recent travellers. I am personally not a big fan of the posts “10 things to do” or “10 places to visit” but should admit after you have watched 5 – 6 similar ones, you get the idea what’s worth to be seen at a particular destination.

Unfortunately, that kind of video almost never gives information about the culinary peculiarities, local traditions, festivals or seasonal events. That’s why, I recommend following dedicated to the spot accounts on Instagram which show in detail the local way of living and recommend known only by the residents sites and venues. I find it extremely useful and inspiring!

The Language Journey

I consider it kind of a journey. To me, learning a new language is a challenge, adventure, and fun, all combined together. Up to now, I speak five languages and am targeting to reach seven. Learning a new language gives confidence, advantage, lots of new information, opportunity to discover and explore in-depth foreign culture and history, meets you with very interesting people and prepares you to visit dream places with ease.

I personally can’t explain why I find the reward of learning a new language so captivating and exciting. And please do not be in a hurry to oppose that it’s a long and expensive journey, because it’s not. It requires only curiosity, determination and persistence.

I would recommend an application called Duolingo that provides a real chance for everyone who is interested in finding and learning the desired language. It’s good for beginners and for advanced learners equally, creates a competitive environment (you compete with yourself and as well with the other language learners), provides a slot for networking, chance to meet and discuss different topics with native speakers, also to share your opinion and comments in the language forum by opening a truly new world.

The only requirement is to already speak English, as all the lessons, practice and tests are connected with English background and vocabulary. A fellow of mine has started recently learning Japanese. I am improving and upgrading my Spanish and am about to get back to my Italian course for beginners. Sign up and have fun!

The Staircase

Well… this is not easy to be explained 🙂 Let me start with the old travel joke related to the staircase.

So…this situation is relevant not only to the time when we are lacking money and can’t afford traveling to the dream destination. But it’s quite applicable to the current times of lockdown and curfew when sometimes the only traveling option is climbing the stairs.

Unfortunately, I live on the 4th floor (only) and no much room for experiments and climbing, but just imagine it as an option that provides you with fun and scope to explore. In addition, it’s quite a healthy journey, that supports maintaining the weight (or get rid of the extra one).

It also helps to scout the building we live in ( I spent 8 months in mine to eventually discover a few days ago the fantastic roof space with breathtaking view). And even while practicing the social distancing, climbing the stairs provided me with the chance to get to know my neighbours, who I used to barely notice before and did not have much possibility to talk to. Now, the conversations are from the doorstep, with the door half-open but it’s better than nothing.

And last but not least, I am finding non stop something useful while climbing the stairs – a hairclip, a teaspoon, a city map and lately even 5 USD:) And all those above while heading to the 4th floor only. Now imagine you live on the 15th floor….what a journey, right?!

So…to summarise, at the moment we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming hectic traveling season. It’s just around the corner and my prediction is that by the end of June 2020 we will be able to fly everywhere we want. Fingers crossed!

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