10 reasons to skip a travel to Paphos, Cyprus

  Three weeks in Paphos, Cyprus and I already have a new hobby. I daily started practicing to greet unknown people in the street. Why? Well, obviously I do it on purpose. My general impression of the locals is of grumpy, non-stop complaining, hard to please people, able to explode for no reason. They look
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Ierapetra, Crete island - my travel booster

  Crete island turned to be my breaking point, kind of a stepping stone and finally a powerful booster of my extensive future travels. The largest of the Greek islands made me fall in love with at first sight. The island left a permanent trace and turned upside down my life intentions. I know, I am
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Sri Lanka - the new rising travel star

  I fell in love with Sri Lanka at the time of landing. Early in the morning, a beautiful sunny day. The Emirates’ aircraft was already over the island, when I woke up and looked through the window. I have never seen so many palms anywhere else. Sri Lanka is literally covered by palm trees
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