Sri Lanka - trip to a rising star full of mystery

I fell in love with Sri Lanka at the time of landing. Early in the morning, a beautiful sunny day. The Emirates’ aircraft was already over the island, when I woke up and looked through the window. I have never seen during my trips so many palms anywhere else. Sri Lanka is literally covered by
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What my Qatari journey has taught me (Part 2)

My Qatari journey has brought me to the most remarkable people ever. As you already know, I have traveled to more than 50 countries. During those trips have met and interacted with so many different nations, cultures and point of views, that more less feel citizen of the world and could probably live comfortably everywhere. But
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What my Qatari journey has taught me (Part 1)

I can confidently say I love Qatar. Qatar was the journey of my life, which completely switched my thinking and changed my point of view. It opened my eyes, enlarged my horizons and pushed me to the limit. When I have begun that trip, I had no idea what to expect, but it definitely overjumped
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