Morocco - the land where goats live on trees

Usually people are incline to consider all the Arabs like Middle Easterners. So, when I am asked to share a story about the Middle East, can’t be sure what the real expectations are. How Morocco came up? The last time, I tried to recall a funny story from Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar. But my friends impatiently
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My odd accidental Broadway trip, NYC

  Can you recall a moment in your life when you experienced an accidental miracle, happened suddenly, coming from nowhere as a summer rain and vanishing away with the same speed? It’s the only way I could briefly describe my accidental Broadway trip, that took me unprepared and drenched me deep in its oddity. I
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When God is a Roman in Rome, Italy

  Do you believe in coincidences? I mostly don’t. I watched a movie long ago, named “The Celestine prophecy”. The main subject was meant to actually destroy the theory of coincidence chain and then shared the idea there is no such a case as coincidence, but everything happens as it’s meant to be, at the
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