Morocco - the land where goats live on trees

Usually people are incline to consider all the Arabs like Middle Easterners. So, when I am asked to share a story about the Middle East, can’t be sure what the real expectations are. How Morocco came up? The last time, I tried to recall a funny story from Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar. But my friends impatiently
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Regular Qatari migration back to the desert

  An hour drive from Qatari capital Doha is located one of the most popular desert areas, where the Qataris are used to go regularly in January. On the way to Laweena, passing Shahaniyah rest point, this large space in the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of the Qatari desert, hosts annually thousands of
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My crazy weird travel collections

I am a passionate collector. But definitely not a regular one. My weird collections have been generated through lots of trips, step by step. It took me years and travels to fill it up. Proud to announce now, I own some really strange exhibits, which cannot be exposed though. Most of my achievements have been cumulated
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What my Qatari journey has taught me (Part 2)

My Qatari journey has brought me to the most remarkable people ever. As you already know, I have traveled to more than 50 countries. During those trips have met and interacted with so many different nations, cultures and point of views, that more less feel citizen of the world and could probably live comfortably everywhere. But
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What my Qatari journey has taught me (Part 1)

I can confidently say I love Qatar. Qatar was the journey of my life, which completely switched my thinking and changed my point of view. It opened my eyes, enlarged my horizons and pushed me to the limit. When I have begun that trip, I had no idea what to expect, but it definitely overjumped
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