Africa is the sweetest part of my life journey. Completely unknown to me, mysterious and remote, it was like fresh air, when I got the chance to visit it. I was extremely thrilled, excited, overwhelmed, not able to sleep, neither eat, waiting for my first African trip.

Well…it lasted till the time I was alerted I’d need an obligatory “yellow fever” vaccine. Otherwise, I won’t be allowed to enter my first real African country – Rwanda. Hmmm…then my excitement made a huge turn and was replaced by pure fear 🙂 I was no longer that sure I want to face the African mosquitos and all the other threats, waiting for me there. It’s an unusual situation because normally I am never scared and am used to start each trip with an open mind. Africa just surprised me.

Anyway, it was a temporary stage and later, after Rwanda, I dared to go on and visit South Africa, the awesome island of Madagascar, Tanzania, Botswana, and then a short stay in Uganda. Please be advised, I am talking only about black Africa. I do not consider Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, where I have already been many times as Africa. By their mentality, lifestyle, habits, and rituals they are much more Middle Eastern than African. So in my case, speaking about Africa, I mean mostly all the countries below the Sahara desert.

Africa is still a blank spot in my travel history and is about to be discovered. I have just started and will step by step to add my future African accomplishments. But no doubt, I am already completely bewitched and have a clear plan to explore Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi in near future.

What I have already experienced was incomparable, shocking, surprising, and has nothing to do with the commercials, we have seen, neither with the documentary, describing all those countries simply as poor and lagging. I should admit it, I have been completely fascinated by Sun City in South Africa and the reality is much beyond all googled info. Africa is colourful, unpredictable, and mutable. I am keen on going on and seeing more. Have already met great people there and have witnessed touching life stories. Africa just caught me.