I wish there had been someone there for me when I needed advice or just clarity prior to my trips. I really could have used that support. But most of the information I collected by the method “try and error”. It cost me a lot of nerves, time, and money, but the knowledge, I finally accumulated, was worth it.

If you let me, I would love to guide you, reply to your questions, give you any advice, point out some crucial issues and share my experience with the idea to simplify and encourage your upcoming travels. I don’t know everything and am away from the mentoring level, but I believe my contribution could be quite touchy. What I didn’t know, I found it in other people’s stories, failures, or observations, so I’d like to re-share it with you.

You can find lots of hints and tips in the articles, related to my travels. Most of my adventures are accompanied by practical guidelines. Others were intentionally written as a supportive manual. A small part of the articles will just tell you an interesting story and its consequences.

Please feel free to drop me a line – your comments, ideas, suggestions, or different travel experience. I am always eager to learn and explore. I would also appreciate any alternative viewpoints and approaches.

We can discuss a variety of subjects – from cheap flights, dangerous airports, sightseeing, local peculiarities to clever ways to pack, some tricks for a smoother journey or particular country requirements and odds. If you have noticed, experienced, or struggled anything bizarre, surprising, embarrassing, or awesome during your trips, please feel free to share it.

Keep exploring and don’t forget to have fun 🙂