I am a big big big fan of the islands. Can’t properly explain the feeling, but surrounded by water, with an endless horizon and gentle breeze, I feel free, powerful, and able to conquer. It’s kind of extreme energy, which the island experience flows directly into my veins. Even prior to my arrival, I am already thrilled and have those butterflies, tickling in the stomach.

I guess part of the story is most of the islands are warmly weathered, mostly green, and loaded by the expectation of a lovely holiday.

Gran Canaria, Canary islands

In addition, I feel especially connected to the sun and the sea. The wise people in my country use to say, it’s kind of compensation, because I was born during the freezing winter when usually on this particular day, the whole country is covered by heavy snow and the temperatures are below zero. So reasonably, I have been told, all my addiction to the sun and warmth is compensatory. Could be so, but doesn’t explain much why islands?

Tenerife,Canary Islands, Spain, seen from the plane
Tenerife,Canaries, Spain, seen from the plane

I am asking myself the same question since I discovered that island attraction in my teenage years. Still remember, late in freezing nights, laying on the old type of electrical heater, full of bricks, but flat surface, no lights on, which was supposed to assist my dreaming. Mostly visions about remote countries and islands, provoked by the tons of books I have read.

Barbados, Caribbean

There is a saying:

Be careful what are you wishing for because it could come true”.

Well… my island dream is on its way to come true, but I still have a long way ahead. Some people collect stamps, others do coins, third – postcards…I do collect islands. I can’t buy them but feel the same way richer just by visiting, exploring, and later maintaining my memories.

Some of the islands I have revisited several times, never getting enough fairytale. Being a dreamer, it pushes me discovering more, to learn, enjoy, search for, and taste. I am eager to share that experience and my insular love with you. Here is my collection up to now. It’s going to be shortly revealed and hopefully soon enlarged.

La Gomera island, Canary islands, Spain. View to the opposite island Tenerife with its volcano Teide
La Gomera island, Canaries, Spain. View to island of Tenerife and its volcano Teide

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