My odd Broadway trip, NYC

  Can you recall a moment in life when a miracle happened suddenly, came from nowhere as a summer rain and vanished away with the same speed? It’s the only way I could briefly describe my accidental Broadway trip. It caught me unprepared and later drenched me deep in its oddity. I have always liked the Turkish word
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Of course, I know the answer. 🙂 It might be not your preferred one, though. This argument is old like the world and many people try to compare those two great cities. Is New York City (NYC) or London the better one for living? There are lots of pros and cons. I’ll share just my own experience
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My quickest booked trip ever - Barbados, Caribbean

  When my friend Bentley (he was named after the car) mentioned Barbados, I did not pay much attention to it. It happened in London, where we were co-workers, had really hectic, crazy, busy days and the last to think of was a trip to the Paradise (Barbados). Do you know the feeling when a
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