Travel while staying home

I was just about to post a new article, referring to my awesome three days in Malta, but realized that inspiring the followers to pack and head to the airport is not quite the right time. While all the borders are closing one after another, most of the airplanes are already grounded, above a million
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Driving in Jordan

Driving in Jordan is a challenge. I did prefer to call it a challenge instead of danger because overcoming the local circumstances depends on personal driving skills. You better keep your eyes wide open, completely focus on the road, applying the best abilities to predict and overcome. Or at least, this is what you are
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My wonder trip to Petra, Jordan

  That’s one of the most remarkable and surprising sights I have ever traveled to. The ancient city of Petra, Jordan, known as Nabataeans’ Kingdom capital is a 2000 year old habitat, a mystical place, full of secrets, meant to fascinate, enchant and hypnotise. Yes, I am biased, but you would become biased too, just stepping
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