10 core skills to improve by travels

  I am convinced, traveling is the best and the funniest way to improve your core abilities. It doesn’t matter how we are going to call it – skills, expertise, know-how, techniques, competences, mastery, but these are the crucial strengths that determine the career path, abundance and life satisfaction. There is no other school like the world
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Why shopping in Dubai is a must

Shopping in Dubai is no longer just a snobbish fad. For the locals it’s pretty much national culture. For the foreigners (who are much more than the locals) it’s a real attraction. Shopping was established and developed as a wise money perpetuum mobile generator and is already well recognised as the main pillar of Dubai tourism.
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My crazy weird travel collections

I am a passionate collector. But definitely not a regular one. My weird collections were generated through lots of trips, step by step. It took me years and travels to fill it up. Proud to announce, I own some really strange exhibits, which cannot be exposed though. Most of my achievements were cumulated during the last 10
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