Cape Town

Thousands of miles coffee journey

  If I ask you right now, where the best coffee ever could be found, what’s going to be your answer? Let’s bet, I’ll get at least 30 different options. Everyone would insist to know better where the best coffee in the world is. It’s kind of a tricky question, because what I asked actually
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By train to the end of the world

  That’s me, on a South African train, heading to the end of the world. Trying to be brave and confident in an environment that scares me. I heard so many horrifying stories about single women, traveling alone by train in South Africa. That’s why I already placed a smile on my face, hoping to
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To be or not to be...a woman in Cape Town

  I did not plan this trip. I just jumped on a plane and ended in Cape Town, South Africa. It was sort of an impulsive decision, after a really boring month in Johannesburg, where I first heard about the quiet confrontation between the biggest two cities in South Africa. It made me curious to uncover why
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