How did I get into Aberdeen prison

  The first reasonable question expectedly is: “Where the city of Aberdeen is?” I’ll try to properly explain it. Do you remember when I went By train to the end of the world? Well, Aberdeen is located exactly on the opposite edge of the planet. I almost reached the South Pole, but for finding Aberdeen, you
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Seafood and icy ouzo on Lesvos island

In my mind the Greek island Lesbos (Lesvos, both transcriptions are valid) will always remain the homeland of ouzo drink and the freshest seafood I’ve ever tasted. The island is much closer to the Turkish shore, than to the Greek one and has been several times handovered between Greece and Turkey. Unfortunately, it lately became popular as
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Cyprus - the island where myths come alive

  My favourite place in Cyprus is Paphos so far. This small colourful town, full of myths and history, smells differently, breathes differently and lives its own independent life, untouched by time. Built on the Greek side of the island, Paphos charmed me by its calmness, endless sunny days and artistic atmosphere. The legend tells, just a
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